Grundig Mv-2(Grundig Ks-680 console)

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Grundig Mv-2(Grundig Ks-680 console)

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Greetings to all and thanks for the admission to the Forum.
Some time ago I bought a Grundig Console that mounts the Preceiver Hf-10, power amp Nf-20, Mv-2, HVS-1, Dual 1009.
After removing all from the Console to clean it up, it has been forgotten for over a year.
At the moment of "putting it back on" I don't remember where the Mv-2 should be connected (where does it take the usage voltage?).
Looking at the electrical scheme of the Hf-10 I didn't find any dedicated connections (as instead they are in other devices).
Can you help me?
Any suggestions will be useful.
Thank you in advance.


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